America: Switched off from yet another innocent young black boy killed, to rejoice at the illegal sharing of a young naked white womans privacy

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just saw a guy wearing a nirvana t-shirt lmfao i bet cant even name three noble truths of buddhism

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someone made a petition to shut down 4chan and everyone signing it is from 4chan

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"Fuck, my tea."

— me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)

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  • me: walks into living room
  • tv: tonight on how its made
  • me: stands in same spot for 30 minutes watching how garbage bags are made

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My cousin is always watching Everybody Loves Raymond in the other room while I’m on the computer. I always hear Raymond’s voice. His deep, throaty voice, like a hungover toad. It’s very unique. Sometimes I continue to hear the thick grog of Ray Romano long after the television is off. Ray tells me things. Ray tells me horrible, horrible things. And I listen.

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They call it “lipstick” but you can use it pretty much anywhere on (or in) your body that you want. Nobody is going to stop you. There’s no rules when it comes to creative expression. Be yourself. Dig a big hole and fill it with all of the things you’ve killed. 

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When an ostracod is swallowed, it emits a burst of light, making the cardinal fish spit it out.


When an ostracod is swallowed, it emits a burst of light, making the cardinal fish spit it out.

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wow first of all how do you even touch a bird

ive watched this video an unimaginable amount of times

Every time I watch this video, I am awed by the strange unshakable calm that the bird seems to portray, even turning it’s head slightly as to idly survey the perpetrator pressing their finger against their slight, frail, body.

Perhaps this bird understands truly what it means… to do it for the vine.

It tilts it’s head like “okay whatever I’ll go with it”

i just spent like half an hour going through my videos to find this

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princess thingy: do you wanna build a snow man?

me: material objects will not fill this void, lift yourself from this plain of existence you fucking pleb

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Monsters (2010), Godzilla (2014)
dir. Gareth Edwards

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